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If you subscribe to this email newsletter, I'll send you a small email every day that contains links to five thought-provoking, highly-discussed articles. These links will focus mainly (but not exclusively) on technology, science, and engineering topics. I put this newsletter together because I wanted a quick daily compilation of articles I'd find interesting, without having to spend time wading through Hacker News and Reddit. I enjoy Hacker News a little too much, and this is a way for me to avoid getting too sidetracked.

The newsletter is compiled by an algorithm that looks at the last 24 hour period of discussions on Hacker News (and at some point, Reddit) and selects 5 highly upvoted articles, giving heavier weights to articles discussing software engineering (Python in particular), scientific discoveries, other forms of engineering, and certain mathematical subjects. I may also throw in some quotes every once in a while, for fun. If this sounds interesting to you, go ahead and subscribe below!

I also created the SFWA-recognized magazine compellingsciencefiction.com. Check it out if you're interested in plausible science fiction.

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